12 NFT Projects Changing the NFT Space in 2022

3 min read

Take a detailed look at twelve investment-worthy NFT projects in 2022. Here, I’ve embedded every project’s important information to help make investment decisions. Thousands of NFTs and hundreds of new NFT projects launch every day, but how do you sort through all the noise to find the most promising NFT startups to follow and possibly invest in? While talking about investing, I must hint at this popular axiom: Buy Low, Sell High. Well, it’s safe to say that the NFT space predominantly thrives according to this axiom. Celebrities, influencers, digital artists, and game developers have successfully used it to monetize…...

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Marianne Johnson I’m a writer-cum-crypto analyst specializing in all-inclusive blockchain technology. I’m not a typical crypto predictor who foretells when will become what! I love to dig deep into the actual technology, focusing on simplifying complex concepts. Visualize the ‘real’ me in my words!