The Importance Of B2B M-Commerce In 2021

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M-commerce will be a major destabilizing element of the B2B market. Many companies have been working on the development of better procurement solutions for the past two decades, but B2B e-commerce has fallen far behind B2C in this respect. 2021 will act as a tipping point for many B2B sellers who seemed unconcerned with how they sell online.  First Of All: Why Is B2B M-Commerce Taking So Long To Implement?  The rapid ascent of e-commerce was a direct consequence of its accessibility, but now its most important purpose is the strategic compiling of user data. In B2B, there was no…...

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Dennis Lenard As the CEO of Creative Navy, a London-based agency that takes an evidence-based approach to UX design and user-interface design, Dennis combines pragmatic vision with a thorough understanding of research practice. He has coordinated more than 500 design projects across the globe. His team has provided design-innovative solutions to worldwide companies such as Jaguar, Ford, and Philips, using a structured process in which decisions are grounded in rational methodology and meticulous data review rather than intuition, blind convention, or whim. Dennis has had a diverse education with degrees in law, psychology, economics, and philosophy.