Bashar Salame

  Dr. Bashar Salame is an author and practicing chiropractor in the Metro Detroit area. Bashar has written extensively on many topics including health and wellness. He has also owned and operated a full selection bookstore specializing in children's books and educational materials. Dr. Salame decided his first published work should be geared towards children as early views and habits tend to shape personality. “Teaching our children about acceptance of others is the greatest gift we can give them,” said Bashar. “As I was looking for creative ways to teach my own children these important lessons, I weaved together this bedtime story with the animals that my son loves and it took off. We were able to have a conversation about stereotypes and diversity that would have been difficult otherwise. I wrote the book so that every parent could have this opportunity.” Despite his career accomplishments, it's the role of father to two young children, a four-year-old boy and a 2 year-old-girl he cherishes most.


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