Veerasenthil Athiban Former forecasting & optimization specialist (18 years). Ex Enterprise technology sales (10 years). Founder & MD of Anar Capital specialising in global arbitrage using AI.


4 Stories by Veerasenthil Athiban

Giant Trading Losses – What not to do? Chapter 3 – The widow maker arbitrage on Natural Gas / Amaranth Advisors

Background: Natural gas is a highly volatile & inflammable fuel. Natural gas futures are even more volatile to trade. It is usual for NG...
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Giant Trading Losses – What not to do? Chapter 2: Nordic German Electricity Futures Arbitrage (Einar Aas)

Background: Nordic & German power grids are well connected. Distribution utilities will seek average the cost of power, thereby eliminating the price difference between...
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Giant Trading Losses – What not to do. Chapter 1: The London Whale

In this series, we shall examine some famous trading losses. And note down what not to do in our own operations.  Background: In 2005,...
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Asymptotes everywhere

An asymptote is a straight line that constantly approaches a given curve but does not meet at any infinite distance. In other words, the process...
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