Asymptotes everywhere

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cosmos, universe, exoplanet

An asymptote is a straight line that constantly approaches a given curve but does not meet at any infinite distance. In other words, the process cannot be improved further. This happens to all things in nature. Economists sometimes call this as “diminishing marginal utility”. In layman terms, this is also called “plateau” of growth curve … somes as “S” curve. All are asymptotes. Are we reaching limits in several domains at the same time? Supply Chain Efficiency Asymptote: For uninitiated, Supply Chain efficiency is an powerful measure of productivity gains in an economy. Without productivity gains, there can be no economic growth…....

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Veerasenthil Athiban Former forecasting & optimization specialist (18 years). Ex Enterprise technology sales (10 years). Founder & MD of Anar Capital specialising in global arbitrage using AI.