If You Are Considering Entrepreneurship, You Need To Know About Startup Financing

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A guide to entrepreneurship in your 20s Image by Don Kaluarachchi (author) You might be here because you have a brilliant idea and want to turn your dreams into reality.  Before you get started with business ownership, let us talk about the nitty-gritty — startup financing in the UK. Although this article examines concepts, companies, and processors specific to the UK, the principles discussed can be applied universally, irrespective of the country. Whether you find yourself in rainy England or sipping coconut water on a beach halfway across the globe, these insights are designed to guide you on your financial and investing journey…....

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Don Kaluarachchi I’m Don. Technology has always been a passion of mine and I have been working in the industry (as a Software Developer, Software Consultant, and ML Engineer) over the last few years. I specialise in keeping websites and mobile platforms running smoothly as well as continuously updating and improving them. Outside of this, I like to write aritcles about artificial intelligence, data science, and all things tech. In terms of education, I have completed a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, both, at Brunel University London. If you would like to chat, please feel free to reach out 😊