Alvina Chow, CFA A finance professional in investment management & wealth management for 20 years and a trusted advisor to many HNWIs. An educator at heart, I feel the need to empower investors with the right information and an optimal thinking process. I also spend my time improving the lives of many youngsters through the game of softball. A game that is still teaching me important life lessons.


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Bright spots in China. Yields: to infinity and beyond? . Cash is king. A new record that no one wants. Of Money and Man W9/2023

EQUITY HEAT MAP W9/2023 MARKET RECAP Bright Spots in China. Two Sessions US Yields: to infinity and beyond? Cash is king A new record...
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Of Money and Man W7/2023 Receding rate hike fear . FED Benchmark rate at 6%? . Tightening Credit . APAC Earnings Revision Indicator . EU Carbon Credit returned 40% from Sep 22 low

MARKET RECAP W6/2023 MAJOR MARKET MOVEMENT (Week of 10 Feb 2023, W6) Receding rate hike fears Benchmark rate reaching 6%? Source: Bloomberg Tightening...
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Central Banks in the headlines . Nasdaq & S&P breaking resistance . Recession, what recession?. Hello Hong Kong

EQUITY MARKET HEATMAP MAJOR MARKET MOVEMENT Central Banks in the headlines S&P and Nasdaq has both broken resistance of its downward trend. Disinflation is...
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DDI Markets W47/22 – A Distracted and Thankful week ahead

FIFA World Cup . A look at inflation numbers . Thanksgiving holidays . FTX Bankruptcy & US Sports Stars Update: after Asian Market Close...
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