Why Does Tech at ANZ (ASX:ANZ) Suck?

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Hierarchy Stifles Agility If you read the ANZ auditor concerns, you’ll see that one of the issues is ANZ’s IT controls.  Read it as it is and it sounds like ANZ’s IT is so complex that it’s too difficult to audit. And I’m sure it is.  As a matter of fact, CBA and NAB have the same auditor concerns too. ANZ Annual Report 2022 However, this footnote is written for the financial individual whose IT skills may just stop at Excel. But, if you’re an IT professional (eg. database administrator) and in particular with some experience in reporting analytics, you’ll realise that…...

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Jason Huynh I'm a data analyst who enjoy reading annual reports. My hobbies include exercise, cooking and being a well rounded dad. I work as an analyst in the higher education sector in Australia but my passion is in investing. I used to believe that data could solve everything but it wasn't until I read Charlie Munger's "Poor Charlie's almanack" that I realised that I've been thinking in silos all this time and I really needed to expand my experiences and reading. What concerns me about life is making silly choices and following the trend aimlessly. I believe in critical thinking and serving others as I would like to be served.