Unearthed Crypto Gem Poised for Resurgence

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Another Shot at Getting in “Early”

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You don’t always get a second chance at early discovery. Whether it’s a stock, a cryptocurrency, or a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), many of us learn of certain assets very late in the game.
But as luck has it, one particular cryptoasset fell down hard before soaring to all-time highs, only to crash back down to Earth. But the freefall was intentional — more on that later.
Now, before I explain why I’m so bullish on one little-known project, know this:
My research doesn’t prevent you from conducting your own. I’m simply translating information freely available online, and not qualified to give investment advice. I hold the token mentioned within, and this article is for educational and informational purposes only. Happy gem hunting out there!

Hidden Crypto Gems Under a Penny — Part 1: RedFOX Labs

Look Beyond the Price and Into the Future


Top of The Charts

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AtomicHub sales figures as of November 21, 2020
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KOGs — Keys to Other Games —NFTs trade on AtomicHub

NFTs perfectly encapsulate the main benefits of running video games on top of blockchain networks.

Cashback & Livestreaming App

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Launching in 2021 — Rewards-based livestreaming

Because of an adjustment to RFOX token’s maximum supply, those who held coins now have the equivalent of 2.5x in tokens.

A Virtual Future

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RedFOX is replicating its headquarters and building a virtual marketplace inside Decentraland

The Australian Connection

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The researchers at Nugget’s News are bullish on RedFOX Labs

Summing Up

Jon Brooks Exclusionary, legacy financial models no longer fit into globally interconnected societies. Blockchain tech and cryptoassets are building momentum as alternatives equipped to boost economic fairness, transparency, and inclusiveness. I enjoy sharing information about disruptive technologies trying hard to make the world a better place for everyone.

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