Virtual Reality

Snap Acquires NextMind: where brain interface meets augmented reality

Last week we were informed of the information that Snap has acquired NextMind, a brain-interface device manufacturer (see also in RoadToVR). This is another...
blank Shachar Oz
3 min read 116

VR Technology to Reinvent Social Media Experience

The COVID-19 epidemic is the most recent cause to change many businesses’ marketing perceptions, prompting them to turn to augmented reality...
blank Terry Tateossian
6 min read

Korea’s AI·VR Smart Museums in 2021

Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently announced that they selected 104 art museums for its ‘2021 Smart Museum’ initiative....
blank Jiwon Kim
2 min read 122

Unearthed Crypto Gem Poised for Resurgence

Another Shot at Getting in “Early” You don’t always get a second chance at early discovery. Whether it’s a stock, a...
blank Jon Brooks
6 min read

Engage Me or Enrage Me: Gamification will run the world

During the last decade we all got Netflix-ed. Now we will get gamified. Don’t think ‘only’ games. Think the gamification of...
blank Carl Rohde
10 min read 196
Girl looking in virtual reality viewer

Virtual reality reaches out to save relationships

From the Grass is Not Always Greener file, it turns out that working from home is not idillic. Indeed, toiling apart...
blank Jim Katzaman
6 min read 201

Silver Lining: The World that the Disruption Created

In the famous book by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson “Why Nations Fail” about creation of inclusive or extractive institutions...
blank Katia Ray
6 min read 388

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VR Marketing Today

The difference between profit and loss during these times Covid-19 is and continues to be an unprecedented global event, bringing healthcare...
blank Jia Yung Lee
2 min read 249

VR Architecture as an Accessible Memory

What makes a good architecture app? A detailed simulation which is informative on the one hand, but also visually and technically...
blank Vlad Alex
3 min read 262
Virtual Reality

VR Tentatively Peers into Social Networks

In the Digital Age, online communities bring diverse people together for common goals and causes. Doctor-patient and peer support in the...
blank Jim Katzaman
3 min read 252

Four Grim Dreams of Great Technology

The world has come to a point where life without the pervasive presence of technological gadgets is very hard to imagine....
blank Norbert Biedrzycki
3 min read 130

Power Moves in an Alternative Economy

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking it’s absurd for cryptocurrency ventures to replicate existing financial instruments or systems...
blank Rachel Jim
3 min read