3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VR Marketing Today

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The difference between profit and loss during these times Covid-19 is and continues to be an unprecedented global event, bringing healthcare systems and the global economy to its knees. According to Worldometer, there are 946,000 confirmed cases and 48,000 deaths as of 2nd April, 2020. The unemployment rate is likely to hit 20% if no quick and decisive action is taken. With countries imposing lockdowns and many consumers quarantined at home, companies are finding it difficult to execute sales and marketing efforts. Meetups, conferences, and meetings are either delayed or canceled altogether as clients practice social distancing and are looking…...

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Jia Yung Lee A tech content marketer for 2 years and more, Jia Yung writes content on topics related to Blockchain, Crypto, Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You can find him at www.blockconstellation.com or at a cafe drinking Vanilla Latte.