Augmented Reality

Snap Acquires NextMind: where brain interface meets augmented reality

Last week we were informed of the information that Snap has acquired NextMind, a brain-interface device manufacturer (see also in RoadToVR). This is another...
Shachar Oz
3 min read

VR Technology to Reinvent Social Media Experience

The COVID-19 epidemic is the most recent cause to change many businesses’ marketing perceptions, prompting them to turn to augmented reality...
Terry Tateossian
6 min read

Snap Happy: Why Snapchat is an Underrated Force in the AR Eyewear Market

The social media and augmented reality leader, Snap Inc, has enjoyed an exceptional 2021 as the company ramps up its AR...
Dmytro Spilka
3 min read

Korea’s AI·VR Smart Museums in 2021

Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently announced that they selected 104 art museums for its ‘2021 Smart Museum’ initiative....
Jiwon Kim
2 min read

Engage Me or Enrage Me: Gamification will run the world

During the last decade we all got Netflix-ed. Now we will get gamified. Don’t think ‘only’ games. Think the gamification of...
Carl Rohde
10 min read

How Augmented Reality Integrated with IoT (AR-IoT) Can Transform Farmer’s Reality?

Rising food demand needs a transitional change in traditional agriculture. An amalgamation of AR-IoT can provide cost-effective and optimal solutions to...
Mamta Shanware
2 min read

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs VR Marketing Today

The difference between profit and loss during these times Covid-19 is and continues to be an unprecedented global event, bringing healthcare...
Jia Yung Lee
2 min read