Silver Lining: The World that the Disruption Created

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In the famous book by Daron Acemoglu and James A. Robinson “Why Nations Fail” about creation of inclusive or extractive institutions in different countries, there is a section dedicated to the Black Death, or Bubonic Plague. According to the authors, it originated from China and was brought to the Mediterranean by Genoese traders, from where it quickly spread across the Europe. It was a disaster that “wiped out about half of the population of any area it hit”. The socio-economic consequences of the Black Death were tremendous. The plague changed dramatically the way feudal economy worked. In Western Europe, few…...

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Katia Ray Katia Ray (Perevoshchikova) is a technology expert with years of experience in LegalTech and AI implementation programmes. She is passionate about application of AI to various areas, including law, sport, entertainment, management, etc. A contributor to LEGALTECH book (coming Q2 2020). Researcher at the University of Southampton and University College London, a former researcher at the Higher School of Economics (Moscow).