Power Moves in an Alternative Economy

3 min read

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking it’s absurd for cryptocurrency ventures to replicate existing financial instruments or systems in tokenomics. For those who notice subtlety, a quiet rebellion is developing in the altcoin movement which is blasting conventional financial wisdom outside of its comfort zone. One thing that unanimously aligns the advocates of the alternative economy is our view on the current state of Westernised capitalism. It completely sucks because it is unsustainable and manipulated by highly influential and powerful businessmen who are driven by self-serving financial gluttony. Most of the world is brainwashed by unethical mainstream…...

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Rachel Jim An intellectually ambidextrous intrapreneur creating value by stitching the Internet of Things together with One Billion Founders. In a nutshell, Rachel is a reverse growth hacker by identifying problems or process causing pain to customers, and helps ventures become better versions of themselves by offering services from startups or individuals who can provide a solution. She considers herself to be a human API as she has a natural affinity for the power of the collective, and an aptitude for forming mutual benefit exchanges by connecting people, networks and platforms for the purpose of social and environmental benefit.