Report: Asian countries top the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) Space

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If you’re familiar with the crypto space, then you’ve probably heard of Initial Exchange Offerings – they’re hard to miss with the incredible investor interest they’re receiving. The number of IEO projects have skyrocketed from just over a dozen in 2017 to 100+ in 2019 and to date have collectively managed to raise a whopping $1.6 billion (source). For better or for worse, IEOs are taking the crypto space by storm and Asian countries such as Singapore, China and South Korea are leading the charge.   # of IEO by country Among the top countries by number of IEOs, three…...

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Gregory S Matthew As an engineer, Gregory has always been passionate about technology and is well versed in its applications. He is currently exploring the possible use cases of blockchain technology and its implications on the world.