Is Climate Change Earth’s Way of Resetting its Internal Thermostat?

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Past Periods of Climate Change Were Caused by Life Too Climate change skeptics like to point out that over its long history, the Earth has experienced previous temperature shifts — the irony of accepting the science behind that point but not the science underlying the case for current climate change is its own topic. About this, the skeptics are correct, perhaps even more correct than they know. In the past, the Earth has indeed experienced dramatic temperature swings, and just like global warming today, some of those past shifts were caused by life. On its face, this seems simultaneously ludicrous and logical. Humanity…...

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Will Staton Will Staton is The Director of Recruitment for Literacy Lab, an education nonprofit that focuses on building literacy skills with elementary school students. Will is an avid writer, and has authored his own book, Through Fire and Flame based on a modernization of Dante’s Inferno. He has a large portfolio of essays and op-eds on numerous topics printed in a variety of publications. Among other topics, he has written about race and racial reconciliation, education and mentoring, education and international relations, and DNA and personal data; he has published multiple pieces on foreign policy for the Strategy Bridge. Will has a bachelor’s from Washington University in St. Louis with a dual degree in religion and history and a master's in International Relations from the Maxwell School at Syracuse.

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