10 best stories on DDI Medium for the month of May

1.6 Reasons Microsoft has become the go-to for machine learning by Alyse Sue

2.How to Start a Motorcycle Ride Sharing Company in Nigeria by Fahim Saleh

3.Lazy Loading in React by Abhimanyu Chauhan

4. Deep Learning Best Practices: Activation Functions & Weight Initialization Methods by Niranjan Kumar

5. Did Crypto Whales kick-start the Recent Rally? by Faisal Khan

6. Ethereum is still a force to reckon with in Cryptoverse by Faisal Khan

7.Crypto Diaries: Samsung Coin, Tech giant’s BaaS & the Rise of CoinJoins by Faisal Khan

8. It’s not about the future of DigiByte, It’s about a future with DigiByte by Rudy Bouwman

9. How is Moore’s Law becoming irrelevant in the age of Quantum Computing? by Faisal Khan

10.Amazon vs Microsoft by Giuliano Giacaglia


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