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State-Run Insurance for all or across the State lines Private Healthca...

We are currently living through the realm when one and all and every non-medical industry grown an obsession with the topic...
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories August, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship August, 2019 Deep Learning Techniques for Text Classification By...
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories July, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship July, 2019 How we 3D print your whole prescription...
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alternative data

Alternative Data – A Beginner’s Guide

Alternative data is gaining popularity among hedge fund managers and financial institutions these days. Despite the fact that it opens up...
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories May, 2019

10 best stories on DDI Medium for the month of May 1.6 Reasons Microsoft has become the go-to for machine learning...
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A complete visual guide on how Machine Learning works, different metho...

We are entering a phase of massive digital transformation powered by the use of AI systems & Machine Learning algorithms. These...
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DDI Blockchain Weekly (October 1st – 7th)

A modest sell-off capped off a rather unspectacular week for crypto markets. Market capitalization hovered around the $220-billion for much of...
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Moving to an Era of highly scalable Blockchain networks

If there was one thing that has held back the mass adoption of Blockchain or weakness so to say has been the...
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DDI Blockchain Weekly (September 24th – 30th)

After a much-needed recovery during the third week of September, the final week of the month ended virtually unchanged after a...
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Anatomy of a Phishing Scam, Part II: Phishing via Text Messages

In Part I of this topic, I explored how the process of an email phishing scam works and the processes and...
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Big trends shaping FinTech

For those of you who are not familiar with FinTech, it is the amalgamation of Financial services with technology. It is difficult...
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Infographic: Interested in a Crypto Career?

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups are popping up everywhere, and more people are using crypto than ever before. In 2017, up to...
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