DDI – Medium Top Stories July, 2019

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Medium Best Stories

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship

July, 2019

How we 3D print your whole prescription into one pill

By – Fred Parietti

The Misconceptions of AI

By – Jasper Ruijs

Technology Trends That Will Dominate 2019: Big Data, IoT, AWS and AI

By –

Can Lottery Tickets Be a Useful Addition to an Investment Portfolio?

By –

How the Postmates’ Economy is Bleeding us all Dry

By – Rob Healy

Reinforcement Learning for War Games

By – Micheal Lanham

By – Chris Knight

By – Anantika Kumari

By – Asadulaev Arip

Stop Pretending AI Will Free Up Employees’ Time

By – Aiden Livingston


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