VCs Suck – 5 Practical Ways For Entrepreneurs To Minimize The Pa...

I hear on an almost daily basis a startup complaining about VCs, mostly about lack of response or lack of clarity....
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What do Investors Look For? Advice for Founders

I get asked a lot of questions by company founders. One of the most common: what do investors look for in...
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Startups and Corporations: What can they learn from each other?

Start-ups can be very compelling in their steadfast conviction that the things they do are special. Unfortunately, in most cases, their...
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Plant Basil as an Entrepreneurship Practice: How planting help you lea...

Growth is one of the internal rewards of any entrepreneur. When you see the growth, both quantitative and qualitative growth, you...
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When is Entrepreneurship Close to Delusion?

Delusion is a belief or impression held despite it contradicts reality and rational arguments. Typically a symptom of a mental disorder....
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories July, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship July, 2019 How we 3D print your whole prescription...
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Use These Proven Strategies to Scale Your Startup

Congratulations on launching your startup! Hopefully, you have survived the initial phase and your business has taken off successfully. Now, it...
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Startups and Investors Seek the Right Fit

Raising capital in developing markets can be difficult, but what must entrepreneurs know and do to increase deal flow and improve...
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entrepreneur and unemployed - the difference

Entrepreneurs and Unemployed People: The Two are Shockingly Similar

Let’s just preface this whole thing with the fact that it started with a joke of a Venn diagram. One of...
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Which is Better: Hourly or Salary Pay?

As an employer: How do you decide how to pay your employees? It’s always fascinating for me to hear the cases...
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