Plant Basil as an Entrepreneurship Practice: How planting help you learn patience

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Growth is one of the internal rewards of any entrepreneur. When you see the growth, both quantitative and qualitative growth, you experience the joy you have expected. However, growth happens through the passage of time and it may take longer than expected. If the growth is the only reason we engage in an entrepreneurial act, in most cases, it leads to frustration and depression.

Buddhist mind framework suggests that for any person, one of the ways to maintain joy and happiness is to accept the situation and do not seek for the transformation of the situation beyond your capabilities. In other words, it proposes that you should try as hard as you can and then simply sit and accept the residual pain or joy and stay present in the moment; keeping focused and concentrated on the very moment of your journey rather than feeling distressed with the results.

This might be not very much in alignment with the dominant practices in business in which there is huge pressure on being result-oriented. Taskforce leadership styles with an extreme focus on the output and stress on the prediction of the future, will end into effective results but at what price? I am not suggesting passivity and inactiveness. I am very much a fan of “being proactive”, “using predictive measures”, and “putting into action” but then you should stand still and enjoy the journey and do not stress yourself and the organization for more growth. This is bringing spirituality in a correct combination with rationality which I call “Spiritual Entrepreneurship”.

Figure 1- After three weeks

One of the methods I suggest to be exercised by the business owners is planting basil. When you plant a bunch of basil seeds you will see no growth in a period of two weeks depending on the suitability of the conditions. You do not witness the growth but that does not mean it is not happening. Isn’t it like many development plans you implement in your organization, and at the frustration times, you are doubting yourself “have I done the right thing?” Same with planting the basil, you will reach to this status that nothing is being achieved. Well, the answer might be “Yes” before you see the first bud. It is only then, that you will notice how much it meant to you to see this moment of growth. And then the growth continues and it speeds up and you will see more and more growth every day. Growth accelerates and then you notice it is even growing faster than you have imagined.

Figure 2- After four weeks

It is also true that in some cases, business cases may be unsuccessful and wrong. Abandoning the wrong efforts to try new things and move on better options, is always a rational thing to do, however, endurance and patience are some of the critical success factors for any business owner as well. Any business growth requires distressed triumphs. Stress is not helpful while hard work and restless effort are key. Entrepreneurs may find the experience of planting very helpful since it helps them have a true experience of growth and shaping a spiritual conception in their minds.

Figure 3- After five weeks
Hamed Qadim Hamed is a graduate of B.Sc. in engineering from Petroleum University of Technology and Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Asia Pacific International College and has more than fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been active in the domain of entrepreneurship during the last 7 years. His interest in studying philosophy and human sciences, besides his working experience, has shaped his focus area on philosophical aspects of entrepreneurship. He is now studying and practicing to determine a framework for Spiritual Entrepreneurship.

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