Plant Basil as an Entrepreneurship Practice: How planting help you learn patience

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Growth is one of the internal rewards of any entrepreneur. When you see the growth, both quantitative and qualitative growth, you experience the joy you have expected. However, growth happens through the passage of time and it may take longer than expected. If the growth is the only reason we engage in an entrepreneurial act, in most cases, it leads to frustration and depression. Buddhist mind framework suggests that for any person, one of the ways to maintain joy and happiness is to accept the situation and do not seek for the transformation of the situation beyond your capabilities. In…...

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Hamed Qadim Hamed is a graduate of B.Sc. in engineering from Petroleum University of Technology and Master of Business Administration in Project Management from Asia Pacific International College and has more than fifteen years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been active in the domain of entrepreneurship during the last 7 years. His interest in studying philosophy and human sciences, besides his working experience, has shaped his focus area on philosophical aspects of entrepreneurship. He is now studying and practicing to determine a framework for Spiritual Entrepreneurship.