When is Entrepreneurship Close to Delusion?

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Delusion is a belief or impression held despite it contradicts reality and rational arguments. Typically a symptom of a mental disorder. Entrepreneurship is an activity of setting up a business where the entrepreneur takes financial risks in the hope of a profit. In times when entrepreneurship can become an alternative to a fashion statement, calling oneself one may be similar to bragging wearing fashionable clothes. It is the cool factor which may not be cool looking at cause-effect dynamics. Entrepreneurs are separated from normal people because they tend to have unconventional ideas. Frustrated by the traditional banking system – you…...

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Thomas Vato Published author on the method for deductive and expansive thinking. Consulting innovator. Occasional writer. Interested in Digital Transformation: Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Health Metrics Information Technology, User Interface Design. Looking for people to form a startup to build useful stuff to augment human condition.