Entrepreneurs and Unemployed People: The Two are Shockingly Similar

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entrepreneur and unemployed - the difference

Let’s just preface this whole thing with the fact that it started with a joke of a Venn diagram. One of my friends made an off-hand comment that she needs to start coming to more entrepreneurial meet-ups with me because maybe THAT will get her to stop dating “unemployed stoners.” I told her the two are eerily similar. And this image proved my point: For context: I’m both a business owner and a standup comic. My situation is such that I get to meet high performers in business and people who are barely scraping by financially because they want to “focus…...

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Allison Wojtowecz Allison is the creator of Flabs to Fitness, Inc., an online fitness, nutrition, and wellness coaching platform and content creation firm for other health-oriented companies. She has a B.A. in Acting and a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Texas at Austin and still lives in Austin today. She uses both of her degrees professionally, building her company by day and performing Shakespeare and standup comedy by night. She enjoys studying mindset and its implications for human behavior...including investment decisions. In her "spare" time, she enjoys hunting, reading, and traveling.