Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance Part 2: The Behavioral Science Perspective

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is making waves with several of its (crypto-)currencies, platforms and protocols becoming more and more prominent in the...
blank Merle van den Akker
7 min read

Decentralized Finance: Future or Farce?

Decentralized Finance, often referred to as DeFi if you’re really short on letters, is a form of finance that doesn’t rely...
blank Merle van den Akker
7 min read

Medical Societies and their Flop of a Century-Old Quest

We are living the paradox of a concept meant to create societies, licensing authorities and associations. The forms of organizational unions...
blank Adam Tabriz, MD
11 min read

Fed Monetary Policy Consider Financial Stability Risk More Broadly, Not Embolden the Trade War!

The Federal Reserve effectiveness is unjustifiably tested by President Trump, who blames data-dependent monetary policy for a stronger dollar rather than...
blank Henri Kouam Tamto
5 min read

10 Rules for Easy Retirement – Avoid at Own Peril

Ready for comfy retirement? Ain’t gonna happen! In just about 3 years I will be eligible for pension by reaching 65...
blank Zack Podrug
15 min read
Basic Income

Are We Ready For a Universal Basic Income?

The idea of a Universal Basic Income is picking up pace all over the world, but are we ready? How would...
blank Adi Gandhi
2 min read
Ponzi Scheme

The Ponzi Scheme 101: A Ponzi’s Life Cycle and Ways to Survive, Part 1

We construct the model of a simple Ponzi scheme, deduce how long the scheme will last and when a rational promoter...
blank Alan Zhang
2 min read

A New Era of Lending: Blockchain Based Loans

Current Issue Without a history of credit, it is nearly impossible to receive a loan from traditional financial institutions. Banks typically...
blank Igor Davidov
4 min read

Fintech Felt Like Funtech but Now Libra is On Its Way

Libra is on its way. The battlefields are marked. The trenches are built. The die is cast. The financial crisis of ten...
blank Carl Rohde
7 min read
Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories July, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship July, 2019 How we 3D print your whole prescription...
blank Sophia Turing
34 sec read
Quantitative Easing

Is Quantitative Easing to Blame for Lower Yields?

Synopsis: Following the 2008 financial crisis, Central Banks around the world responded aggressively, cutting interest rates significantly (500 bps by the...
blank Henri Kouam Tamto
4 min read
Financial Services

10 Artificial Intelligence Applications Revolutionizing Financial Services

Lately, the banking and finance sector has been seeing a revolution in its day-to-day operations. Leading banks such as JPMorgan Chase,...
blank Sagar Sharma
3 min read

Best Resources to Learn Machine Learning and Apply It to Finance: Books, Courses, and YouTube (2019)

In today’s technologically advanced world, we’re starting to turn to the machines we create to aid us. The algorithms designed by...
blank Denis Kryukov
3 min read

10 Alternatives to Google Finance Portfolio

Goodbye to comfortably checking relevant investment news and market movements, tracking your gains and losses in one portfolio on Google! Google...
blank Bingran Lu
4 min read

Top 5 Skills Needed for the Future of Finance & Business

If you’re looking to make it big in the world of Finance and Business, you’ll need more than just a stash...
blank Bingran Lu
6 min read

Interview with Sida Zhu

Here is an interview with a professional investment analyst. As a bit of background information, in the interest of preserving anonymity,...
blank Hassan El-Essawi
2 min read

7 best wallets for Cryptocurrencies & more…

“A plant needs roots in order to grow. With man it is the other way around: only when he grows does...
blank Faisal Khan
46 sec read
Money Story

Is It Time To Rewrite Your Money Story?

What’s Your Money Story? And more importantly, where’s your money story taken you? We all grew up with money stories from...
blank Sharon Raj Singh
8 min read

Power Bills And Taking Control Of Your Finances

If current trends continue, overall energy costs are expected to keep rising on through 2020. As almost one in three households...
blank Brian Wallace
43 sec read

7 Ways Wealthtech is Digitizing Wealth Management

“Customer experience is chief among the areas where traditional financial institutions have fallen short. 70% of millennials would rather visit their...
blank Justin Chan
5 min read