10 Artificial Intelligence Applications Revolutionizing Financial Services

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Financial Services

Lately, the banking and finance sector has been seeing a revolution in its day-to-day operations. Leading banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and CitiBank have embraced AI to deliver rich customer experience. JPMorgan Chase is using a machine learning algorithm that will extract crucial information from thousands of legal documents and create valuable pointers for the reviewers. It will help the company to reduce 360,000 man hours. Wells Fargo is using AI-based Chatbots to meet their customers’ needs faster and to improve client experience. Bank of America introduced their own “JARVIS.” Being one of the oldest…...

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Sagar Sharma Sagar holds the position of CTO at Credencys Solutions Inc., an Android App Development Services provider. He is responsible for all the technical operations, as well as leading the company’s revolutionary offerings. Sagar has two main areas of focus - Technology and Processes. He has worked in leadership positions in various Fortune 500 companies and has been instrumental in driving success through digital transformation.