Goodbye to comfortably checking relevant investment news and market movements, tracking your gains and losses in one portfolio on Google!

Google Finance has decided to remove its beloved portfolio feature, and while it was not perfect, it was a simple free option for many of us.

But do not panic, mope or throw your money at the first portfolio platform coming your way.

The team at Data Driven Investor has got you covered, and we have put together a list of 10 Google finance alternatives just for you. We have looked at the variety of tools, information and usability of the platform to make sure you have what you need for your investment needs. In the guide below, you will find out which tool is meant for you, what are the unique selling points they offer, and what charges you can expect.

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Ready to find your new go-to portfolio platform?

Check out the top 10 Google Finance Portfolio Alternatives!

MSN Money

While MSN Messenger has been forgotten before Google+, Microsoft’s MSN Money is a stellar alternative to Google Finance. It provides quick views to the headlines of all the relevant news articles, a huge range of data with different tabs (think basic price, range, market cap and more), and a range of information about different financial products (not just stocks). Their MVP feature is the portfolio, with multiple account representations, real-time trading figures and the option to track transactions. The charts are well-designed, pleasing to the eye, and usability is great both on desktop and mobile versions. The only drawback is that often the content is duplicated throughout different tabs, while the aggregated articles from other sites sometimes lack originality.

Who is it ideal for: Anyone looking for an easy, accessible tool

Unique Selling Point: a vast amount of information

Cost: FREE

Level up folks! might be overwhelming at first with the depth of information through detailed charts – courtesy of Trading View. offers a wide selection of high-quality news sources and is one of the top 3 financial websites in the world. They also have a mobile app – great to check your investment on the go. also lists cryptocurrencies, so you can check both stock and bitcoin in the same place. On the downside, it might not be as easy-to-digest as MSN Money for beginners, and you need to endure plenty of ads.

Who is it ideal for: intermediate (crypto)investors who want to dive deeper into the data

Unique Selling Point: a great mobile app with tons of charts

Cost: FREE with options for a paid version without ads



One of the most professional contenders, Morningstar is not just a news platform, but an investment management firm with over $220 billion assets under management. As the website is undergoing some refreshments, different versions by country may vary. The site does not boost as much news as other Google finance replacements, and many of the best functionalities might be by behind the payment wall. However, when it comes to competitor information, comparisons and drilling down on financials they seem to be unbeatable.

Who is it ideal for: professional investors

Unique Selling Point: comparison charts and detailed financials

Cost: Freemium model

The little brother of Morningstar, has excellent data and a good portfolio but lacks on a few aspects. An extra perk is to be able to compare your portfolio to an index and track dividends. News, just as on Morningstar is limited to just a couple of sources and are not as rich as for example on MSN money. The platform itself also resembles more of an old-school look, does not provide the UX we grew to expect in 2019, and does not have a mobile app.

Who is it ideal for: professionals focused on deep financial data

Unique Selling Point: advanced portfolio tracking

Cost: Free with a paid version unlocking more features


Technical traders unite! Barchart offers a wide array of info and tools for stocks, options, futures, forex and crypto. On top of standard charts and data points, you can also set up some notifications and price alerts, find the biggest movers of the day and set up watchlists and portfolios. The new feature might be a bit basic, and beginners might find the site overwhelming and complex at first.

Who is it ideal for: experienced technical traders

Unique Selling Point: A variety of data tools

Cost: Freemium


TradingView is somewhere in the middle between a financial trading platform and a social network. They have some of the most sophisticated, often even a bit too complex, charts and data. Additionally, community members can submit technical analysis, which viewers can like, comment and share. Top authors are ranked, and you can follow their accounts for more wisdom. On the other hand, news is not their strength, with only limited resources, and you can only create a watchlist instead of a full portfolio.

Who is it ideal for: traders who want a piece of community wisdom

Unique Selling Point: community analysis and superb data

Cost: Free



MarketBeat is aiming to combine superb charts from TradingView with better news where the reader can choose which sources they want to see. It also boosts analyst opinions, ratings, and insider trading. Their free portfolio option allows us to track 5 stocks, for more the premium option would be necessary. They are missing out on a few data points, like the P/E ratio, that other platforms show at a glance, and the usability is just not the best.

Who is it ideal for: traders with a bit more experience

Unique Selling Point: analyst ratings and insider trading

Cost: Free up to 5 stocks


Sharesight is a newcomer, aiming to fill the void Google Finance Portfolio created and become the go-to stock portfolio tool. It makes it easy to manage your investments, track dividends, prepare for tax season and know your true performance. Their free plan offers 1 portfolio with 10 holdings, provides email alerts, a mobile application, and automatic dividends and adjustments. On the downside, you might not have all the sophisticated information, or an option for a bigger portfolio if you are only using the free tool.

Who is it ideal for: beginners

Unique Selling Point: ease of use and clear overview of performance

Cost: Free up to 10 stocks in 1 portfolio


Wallmine, although promoting themselves as THE Google Finance Portfolio Alternative, is so much more. They combine several markets, such as stocks, crypto, insider trading and SEC filings with useful tools. Try the stock screener, market heat map (showing the volume of changes and market cap), 3D bubbles or more. The sophisticated reports are combined with top-notch user experience. While Wallmine may not be huge on the news, you can hardly see a platform offering this huge variety of analytical tools in a highly usable way.

Who is it ideal for: intermediate to seasoned investors

Unique Selling Point: easy-to-use analytical tools

Cost: Freemium


Another comprehensive investment tracker tool, helping you to monitor your performance and analyze different stocks. You can manage multiple portfolios, receive alerts and check the news, but more importantly, get unique investment ideas. The tool is also available in a mobile app version, and the usability is great. The only downside we found was a slight delay of 15-20 minutes in price updates, which could be crucial if you trade actively.

Who is it ideal for: beginner to intermediate traders

Unique Selling Point: a great platform with added investment ideas

Cost: Free


Our Pick

All in all, there is hope beyond Google Finance. From beginners to avid investors, everybody can find the tools which work best for them. Our personal favorites include Wallmine for some great reporting and Sharesight for those who are just starting their investment journey.

Looking for a Google Finance alternative with API access to its data? We have compiled a list of replacements for the now discontinued Yahoo Finance API.


  1. Everybody can find the tools which work best for them. Our personal favorite is Sharesight. Thanks for sharing this article


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