Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Will Challenge The Global Financial Establishment

10 min read

The news about Facebook’s cryptocurrency called the Libra coin is generating a lot of buzz. The stories are mixed, with some saying this is the gateway to cryptocurrency adoption. Others are concerned since Facebook does not have a good reputation when it comes to privacy and data security issues. The fact that Facebook, the world’s largest social network, is also the biggest advertisement platform getting in cryptocurrency will have huge implications that affect everybody. That is even if they don’t use Facebook because it will affect society in general. What Is Libra Coin? The Libra coin is a token that…...

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vincenttabora I am a network engineer and technology writer, with a deep focus in blockchain and machine learning technology. I have extensive experience in the IT industry developing and implementing solutions in various industries. I eventually became more interested in blockchain due to the rise in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. I realized that it was not about speculating on price value, it is a disruption in the finance industry. At the moment I like to educate about the significance of cryptocurrency, which I feel has great potential to drive innovation not just in financial systems, but even in settlements and trust.