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A minimalist digital landscape illustrating a duel between two figures representing AIs dual role in digital marketing

Can AI Shield Us from Aggressive Marketing?

Explore AI’s impact on digital marketing: ethical strategies vs. manipulative tactics in the virtual battleground. Find the balance for success When AI...
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15 Steps to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Budget and ROI in 2024

15 Steps to Optimise Your Digital Marketing Budget and Get a Better RO...

Boost your digital marketing ROI with a smarter budget With economic uncertainty ahead — well, it’s a constant, isn’t it? —...
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Help Your Brand Be the Top One That People Desire

Awareness is the first step to attract customers and build loyalty Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash True tests of a...
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Live Streamers Score Highest With Clear Calls to Action

Find your audience and connect with them where they are active Live streaming need not be intimidating. Thanks to technology that...
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Top Marketers Keep Customers in Mind

Customers satisfied with the products or services a business provides are more likely to continue doing business with that company. The...
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Gain Data from Each Conversation

Intelligence pulls data together. In the realm of consumer intelligence, Talkwalker Middle East and Africa marketing executive Rami Deeb believes in...
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Valuable lessons lead the way to digital success

Blundering online amounts to digital marketing malpractice. Engaging the wrong way—or not at all—muffing search engine optimization and other miscues dig...
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AI is surprisingly smart right under your nose

If you’re on social media but artificial intelligence sounds intimidating, fear not. You might be deeper into AI than you think. ...
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Why Is the news making you anxious?

Consider these headlines from July, 21st, 2020 Case Numbers are far higher than reported in parts of U.S, C.D.C Says-NYtimes Armed...
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How to shield personal data from evil doers

Digital privacy is practically a misnomer. The list of companies not hacked seems shorter than those attacked.  Dentin Waweru might not...
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Libra may be the end for Facebook: Part 2

Facebook’s choice to issue a centralized, semi-anonymous, permissioned token (Libra) is puzzling. First, Facebook’s understanding of the concept of modern money...
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5 Steps to Communicating in a Crisis

The ground underneath many businesses and organizations is shifting daily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With it comes new challenges (and...
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