Why Is the news making you anxious?

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Consider these headlines from July, 21st, 2020 Case Numbers are far higher than reported in parts of U.S, C.D.C Says-NYtimes Armed Gunman with explosives holding passengers hostage on Ukraine bus: local police-FoxNews China blows up dam as death toll from flooding rises-Los Angeles Times Are you afraid yet? You should be! They are all headlines of disease, terrorism, and disaster from July, 21st, 2020.  Let’s make this more interesting. What if the headlines said,  Everything That You Need to Know About the Coronavirus-Wired Or what about, Did a Person Write This Headline Or a Machine?-Wired Did you notice anything? They…...

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Dave Rauschenfels I began my career in manufacturing as a tech analyzing the origin of production problems. Then after ten years I realized that I was only investigating part of the problem. Today I am a freelance research analyst and ghostwriter for consulting companies. My work has also been published in Curious Droid and DisrupterDaily.