15 Steps to Optimise Your Digital Marketing Budget and Get a Better ROI

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15 Steps to Optimize Your Digital Marketing Budget and ROI in 2024

Boost your digital marketing ROI with a smarter budget With economic uncertainty ahead — well, it’s a constant, isn’t it? — budgets get tighter. That makes Return on Investment (ROI) even more critical. You’ll need to stretch each euro further through smarter budgeting. Follow these 15 steps to optimise your digital marketing budget and get a better ROI. 1: Start with a Clear Plan and Keep it Flexible Set clear strategic goals and map related tactics to achieve them. A plan provides direction, optimises resources, and makes measurement easier. Know where you want to go before determining budget. Plans set…...

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Paolo Margari As an entrepreneurial-minded professional with an ESTP personality, I always look to optimise digital marketing and production workflows to save time and increase productivity and profitability. My key focus is defining actionable KPIs to understand and improve internal and external stakeholders' experience and help reach their goals through digital communication, constantly looking to integrate the most innovative solutions with ROI in mind. My academic background includes a degree in Economics and Management, a PhD in Economic Geography, a UX Certification and various digital marketing qualifications. I've spent almost fifteen years deep-diving into different sectors and working either as an employee or independent consultant with various clients, from corporate to startups and professionals. My expertise encompasses diverse digital perspectives, including SEO, SEA, Social Media, UX, and Web Analytics, and I'm comfortable working on projects, from strategy to execution. I value friendly, transparent, and sustainable working environments and strive to challenge beliefs, assumptions, and myths rationally and logically. Besides the professional side, I add a passion for photography, a form of deep and abstract writing, the production of eclectic (and unpretentious) electronic music and a few digital entrepreneurial projects integrating the latest generative AI technologies. Originally I'm from Soleto, a little griko town in Southern Italy, but since 18 I lived in Lecce, London, Sheffield, Rome, Milan and currently Brussels, Belgium.