Can AI Shield Us from Aggressive Marketing?

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A minimalist digital landscape illustrating a duel between two figures representing AIs dual role in digital marketing

Explore AI’s impact on digital marketing: ethical strategies vs. manipulative tactics in the virtual battleground. Find the balance for success When AI Battles Itself in the Digital Arena Imagine the internet as a bustling market. Here, amidst the neon glow and digital dazzle, every corner is a pitch; every click is a potential trap. Advertisers pull at your attention, their offers as fleeting as the flashing signs above. It isn’t just marketing; it’s a mind game where your choices and preferences are at stake. Artificial Intelligence could wear two hats in this digital battleground. One is black, crafting cunning strategies that nudge, push,…...

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Flavio Aliberti Flavio Aliberti brings with him a 23-year track record in consulting around business intelligence, change management, strategy, M&A transformation, IT and SOX auditing for high regulated domains, like Insurance, Airlines, Trade Associations, Automotive, and Pharma. He holds an MSc in Space Aeronautic Engineering from the University of Naples and an MSc in Advanced Information Technology and Business Management from the University of Wales.