Power Bills And Taking Control Of Your Finances

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If current trends continue, overall energy costs are expected to keep rising on through 2020. As almost one in three households are already struggling to make those monthly electricity payments, keeping the power on can be more difficult than ever.

Much of our energy usage is for necessities that keep us healthy and well from refrigeration to heating and cooling. Yet one in five households keeps their home at uncomfortable or unhealthy temperatures just to save money on a monthly energy bill. In the midst of cutting back on these essentials, it can be easy to overlook the real drains on our energy at home. A leaky faucet or drafty windows can mean more than just annoyance when left unattended – they can also increase an energy bill. Unused devices like printers and laptops, kitchen appliances, and environmentally unfriendly incandescent light bulbs can all add up to hundreds of dollars extra on annual energy costs.

More than one in five Americans are faced with a difficult decision every month – pay the energy bill or go without other basic necessities? This infographic details how you can get control of your energy usage, lower your bill, and help both the economy and the environment.

Power Bills


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