10 Rules for Easy Retirement – Avoid at Own Peril

15 min read

Ready for comfy retirement? Ain’t gonna happen! In just about 3 years I will be eligible for pension by reaching 65 years of age. Yeeeey … how great is that? … NOT. A person works a whole life and looking into quiet retirement should be a good thing, right? Most of the people of my age say that they are tired of work. They mostly hate it and can’t wait to retire. Here is a thing, with me it’s different. I love my job. It is office work and not tiring. I work as a salesperson. Frustrating sometimes, but not…...

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Zack Podrug Born in Zagreb, Croatia on May 17.1957. Completed Aeronautical College and graduated as an Avionics Technician. Moved to Canada on August 31.1989. and live currently in Stoney Creek Ontario. First 10 years in Canada worked as avionics on business jets. After that quit a job and work for Almex Ltd. and Smart Chip Card Solutions Ltd. It is security equipment and mostly smart card equipment sales. An investor by own design and learning from 1995. In the last 3 years intensively involved with precious metals. Participated in the creation of cryptocurrency and precious metals wealth management projects.