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7 best wallets for Cryptocurrencies & more…


“A plant needs roots in order to grow. With man it is the other way around: only when he grows does he have roots and feels at home in the world.” — Eric Hoffer

So are you ready to spread the roots? Build an appetite for that curiosity. For a daily dose on Technology, Finance, Work place, Productivity & more. Follow me @fklivestolearn on Twitter. Click on the info-graphics to zoom in.

  1. How to look and sound more confident
  2. Global Policy developments in Fintech 2018
  3. Technology hype cycles from 2000-18
  4. Eight step Social Media marketing strategy
  5. Some trends for the banks for the next decade
  6. The OECD Well being framework
  7. Four key technologies to explore today
  8. Macro trends for investing 
  9. How the Internet works
  10. Starting the task that you have been avoiding
  11. Seven best wallets for Cryptocurrencies
  12. What does your sense of humor say about your emotional health 
  13. Internet of Things: Getting from connected to Smart
  14. The A to Z guide for writing headlines for Online content
  15. Six IT outsourcing facts for 2019
  16. The truth about Blockchain
  17. Circles of Sustainability 
  18. Managing AI & Machine Learning in the Enterprise (most popular tweet)
  19. Do’s & Don’ts of Influencer Marketing
  20. The line is getting blurred in the mobile first solutions
  21. Don’t let your data get stale
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