Blockchain and Data Storage: A Perfect Match?

4 min read

Data. It’s fast becoming one of the world’s most highly-prized resources. Indeed, its recent proliferation is virtually our raison d’être here at Data Driven Investor. Of course, us DDI folk are not the only ones who believe in the power of data. Even a cursory glance at the world’s top 10 companies by market capitalization shows an intimidating dominance by data-hungry tech firms such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. All of these companies will be unleashing vast quantities of data in the coming years, as will many others. And so, given the onslaught of data that the world now anticipates, the stronger our…...

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Dr Justin Chan Dr Chan founded (DDI) and is the CEO for JCube Capital Partners. Specialized in strategy development, alternative data analytics and behavioral finance, Dr Chan also has extensive experience in investment management and financial services industries. Prior to forming JCube and DDI, Dr Chan served in the capacity of strategy development in multiple hedge funds, fintech companies, and also served as a senior quantitative strategist at GMO. A published author at professional journals in finance, Dr. Chan holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from UCLA.