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DataDrivenInvestor is one of the fastest-growing tech and finance communities on the planet. According to Similar Web, DDI has a global rank of 42,921 out of millions of sites. In terms of site authority, has a score of anywhere from 59 to 77, from various sources (Moz, Semrush, or Ahrefs).

On, DDI Medium is ranked 101st, among 13k publications.

Combining the 2 sites, DDI has a readership of approximately 1.35-2 million readers monthly from 95 countries around the world, according to google analytics and also editorial statistics from

If you write about tech and finance, you should have your articles on

Are you passionate about the technological revolution and ever-changing data science landscape? Do you have a genuine interest in everything economics, finance, crypto, NFTs, AI?

Are you aware that your special knowledge (in any field) can change the course of the investment management industry, labor markets, and our education system?

Do you want to develop your thought leadership and authority in your own field? That is what you must do anyway.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we would love for you to be one of our contributors! You can sign up here.

A Community of Experts and Learners

Covering a wide range of topics from finance/economics, data science to other niche topics on technological advances, we are building a community of readers, writers, developers, enthusiasts, and beyond, who can all come together, share their perspectives, and build their own thought leadership, audience, and branding.

By writing on our main site, you benefit from the following:

  • You can gain exposure to our niche audience.
  • You will appear on our DDI directory, where new functions are constantly added to help facilitate your own client communications and acquisitions;
  • We offer 1–2 dofollow links (per article) to our contributor’s own sites (or other sites they prefer) if they publish on our main site. Most of them don’t know if they publish on other platforms (such as medium/substack), they are only getting nofollow links to their sites. Do understand the difference between these links if you want to grow your own website organic search traffic. Essentially, a dofollow link passes on the PageRank signals, the so-called SEO “juice”, while a nofollow link doesn’t.
  • If you publish on our main site, we will also prioritize the posting and featuring of the same article you submit to DDI Medium;
  • If you publish on our main site, and if it is of outstanding quality, there is a high chance your article will be featured on DDIntel, our weekly letter to our community;
  • After posting on our main site, you can still syndicate your article on DDI Medium (by following this guide). But it does not work the other way round. We recommend our writers to publish on both places (main site first, then DDI medium) because the writer gets 10 times more traffic (on top of do-follow links from our main site) if they publish both places.
  • We offer priority acceptance on future project collaboration and benefits such as
    • early access to our applications and marketplaces (such as the coming DDI Pubs Paltform, DDI Research, and other tools). Many of them will be paid tools, but if you have a history of contributing to DDI main site, you will have free lifetime access;
    • better sharing in terms of payout through our applications and marketplaces (more will be announced at a future date);
    • our main site contributors will get priority referrals from DDI Team in projects related to finance consultation, data science projects, coding, writing, etc; We often get recommendation requests from our readers every day and we will channel them to our own community because we feel more confident about recommending people who we can work more closely with;
    • DDI main site contributors also will get priority airdrop any time when we start distributing our very own DDIN tokens – which will power our suite of applications and marketplaces. Despite the current stagnancy and volatility of the crypto space, we believe DDIN tokens will be something you will want to hold on to, for as long as possible;

Main Site Submission Guideline

After you are approved as a contributor at, you can create/manage your own postings by logging into your own account on our site.

You can benefit from our easy-to-use frontend editing interface with image integrations from Unsplash, Pexels, etc.

For the draft to be accepted on our main site for posting, we expect the following:

  • The submitted draft should be unpublished/original, high quality, and should be in line with the contributor’s specialties;
  • The submitted draft should be mostly educational/inspirational/useful to our readers, with less than 5-10% self-promotional material.
  • DDI (main site or medium publication) prefers to work with authentic individuals who use real names, real photos, and whose experience and background can be verified across platforms (such as linkedin). There are only very few exceptions to this rule;
  • Because of the above, DDI may not be able to approve commercial or promotional articles, especially if those are published using fake names or from company’s name;
  • In cases where DDI accepts your commercial or promotional article, you will be requested to pay a fee;

Together we will make DDI the fastest expanding and highest-quality network of experts in all fields. All of us will also increasingly see DDI as a mega-platform of media/education, applications/data access, as well as a marketplace with many opportunities and services for its content creators and consumers.