Dron Hazra

  https://theksociety.com/ Hi! I'm Dron, and I'm a passionate young innovator part of The Knowledge Society. The Knowledge Society is a WEF School of the Future which provides Olympic-level training for the CEOs, innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow. I'm super interested in artificial intelligence and its applications, like in music. I've helped solve problems for Sidewalk Labs - an Alphabet company working on urban innovation - and Kidogo, a social enterprise providing low-cost childcare for Early Childhood Development (ECD) in the slums of Nairobi.


2 Stories by Dron Hazra

Shor’s Algorithm: the bane of RSA

RSA encryption is a public-key encryption system. This means it has a public key, accessible to all, and a private key which is kept...
5 min read 838

The future of AI music is Magenta

Music seems to be one of the fields that, at a surface level at least, AI just can’t seem to penetrate. AI is rapidly...
8 min read 982