Jason Milton

  https://www.antagonistresearch.com/ My mission is to help people generate extra income with stocks and options, even if they have full-time jobs and full-time lives. No day trading or crazy risks either. I'm the founder of The Antagonist newsletter and website. Members receive educational resources, financial research, market analyses, trading strategies, stock and options recommendations, and model investment portfolios. I'm especially interested in alternative data sets and leading indicators.


2 Stories by Jason Milton

Market Volatility Ahead: A “Trifecta” of Signals

Three recent developments may lead you to adjust your portfolio: Meanwhile…gold is setting record highs. While Bitcoin and semiconductor stocks have been grabbing most...
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Investing in Copper Stocks: Green Tech’s Hidden Gem

Copper demand is set to soar. And when that happens, copper stocks will rise along with it.  Copper isn’t just one of the oldest...
3 min read 323