Julia Hubbel

  Julia Hubbel is a prize-winning journalist, professional speaker, international adventure traveler. She is the author of the multiple prize-winning books WordFood: How We Feed or Starve our Relationships and Tackling the Titans: How to Sell to the Fortune 500. Her travels take her on extraordinary solo adventures all over the globe. From horseback riding in Central Asia to kayaking the freezing fjords of Iceland, Julia pushes the outer boundaries of her athletic skill and endurance. She has spent three decades working with the Fortune 500 as an executive and consultant. A dynamic and popular speaker, she has been featured at business conferences all across America, Australia and Canada. In 2012, Diversity Plus Magazine named her of the Top Twenty-five Most Powerful Women in Diversity. Julia is a disabled, decorated Vietnam Era veteran who served as a journalist and television producer-director in the Army, and Chief of Military Protocol for the Jimmy Carter Presidential Inaugural in 1977.


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Why You Need a Coach

Tom Brady is annoying. Let’s face it. But then, to the Cleveland Browns, so was Elway. Manning annoyed the holy crap out of an...
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