Juliano Statdlober

  Juliano Statdlober has multidisciplinary knowledge and experience which encompass technology and management. Bachelor’s Degree in Economic Sciences and Postgraduate in IT Governance, he has been working in Information Technology since 1983, with knowledge and expertise including COBIT, ITIL, BPM, KM, project management and quality management systems. He has wide professional experience in service management and business process management. An entrepreneur, he performs as CTO in the company Qualitor Software, of which he is a founding partner and responsible for the Software Development and Technology area. His first book published to the Brazilian market is about Quality Management related to help desk and customer care. His second book, about knowledge management for help desk and customer care was published in 2016. Visiting professor for MBA in Business Process Management at Unisinos University. 


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Understanding the Blockchain’s Chain Of Blocks

There is a flood of information about Blockchain around us nowadays, countless books, articles, and videos, indeed. Many people read, write, and talk about...
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