Ken Poirot

  I am an Author, Entrepreneur, and Financial Professional. Currently, I am quoted every single day in social media all over the world (a quick Twitter Advanced Search coupled with a Google search can verify this). I spent almost two decades in financial services both as a financial advisor and a manager, supervising financial advisors who invested billions of dollars for clients. For this reason, I have a depth of knowledge to share about the markets, the economy, investing, banking, and the financial services industry. Additionally, I have a BS in Microbiology from Cornell University and a US Patent for my graduate research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. I am most concerned about helping people and making the world a better place one person at a time.


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Money: Investing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A warning for every investor and the actions you should take right now Through my financial services career spanning almost two decades, I was...
7 min read