Tom Zimberoff

  Tom ZImberoff studied music at the University of Southern California before pivoting to photography. As a photojournalist, he has covered hundreds of historical and breaking news stories. He’s shot many hundreds of portraits, including magazine covers from John Lennon to Steve Jobs plus two sitting American presidents (Carter and Reagan) for the covers of Time and Fortune. Zimberoff’s career-long body of work, shot on film, was acquired for conservation and academic research by the Briscoe Center for American History at the University of Texas at Austin. Zimberoff created PhotoByte®, the first successful CRM/licensing-and billings software for commercial photographers. He founded a venture-funded startup during the “dotcom bubble” and, later, matriculated the StartX collaborative community of start-up companies affiliated with Stanford University. Zimberoff was born in Los Angeles in 1951; raised there and in Las Vegas. He lives in San Francisco. Some of his career memoires can be found at


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