Vagif Aliyev

  I'm a High School student & founder of Snapstudy: an NLP-based content revision app with 1400 monthly active users. I have a huge passion App Development, Deep Learning, Computer Vision & NLP. I'm an evangelist of project-based learning, and am always seeking to build projects that can solve real-world problems and provide value to better the lives of people. I'm also an avid fan of startups, and dream to have my startup accepted into Y Combinator! Until then, I try to build products that solve a real need and grow my business acumen by always aiming to network and learn from entrepreneurs & founders. Of course, I also love writing. I believe that through writing you can truly understand what it is you are learning, if you can teach people who do not know about it. I treat each article I make as a product; it should solve a problem people may face, and should provide them value in exchange for them spending time reading it. Feel free to reach out and talk with me about anything! Peace


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