Wayne Boatwright

  Wayne Boatwright is a business and legal professional who recently completed a 7-year stint in San Quentin. Wayne has more than 20 years' experience helping organizations succeed through smarter management of complex processes, information, and relationships. His “superpower” is uncovering and understanding what organizations need to grow and thrive, and then developing systems, communications, and processes that help them move the ball forward for their constituents. Wayne's writings focus on framing the digital realm as a Unified Field and breaking the hold of linear sequential reasoning is no longer sufficient in our digital age. *No you won’t find this in a Wikipedia search. We are traversing new ground here.


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A NEW WORLD COMES (a COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic story): What might be the longer-term effects of the COVID-19 crisis?

We face a real but controllable crisis — a disease with very high infectiousness but moderate to low death rate (so long as hospitals and ventilator...
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