Hello, my name is Zahra Elhamraoui, 22 years old Moroccan girl. I am an optimistic, super curious and creative person who is always ready to reveal challenges and learn new things. I have always had this deep admiration for science with my high school diploma in experimental physics and my bachelor's degree in applied mathematics and computer science in addition to a master's degree in bioinformatics and medical computer science. I believe that I have the skills required to solve problems related to our daily life. I am currently very curious about machine learning and I have dedicated 2020 only to learning the tools of machine learning. In 10 years I will see myself as a successful woman in data science and machine learning, and as a full-time volunteer, I plan to start my journey with the volunteering next year 2021 after I graduate. I am a self-learning artificial intelligence, so I work on personal projects where I aim to learn new tools like the classification of breast cancer or Survival Analysis using the basic algorithms of machine learning, one of my objectives for 2020 is to work on a high-level project using machine learning. I believe a successful person is a hard-working person, and we only live once so let's try as much as we can.


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