a person holding a cell phone with a chat app on the screen

The Evolution of ChatGPT and the Rise of Auto-GPT

In the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence (AI), where breakthroughs and innovations occur almost every week, a new tool has...
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Do the Data Science Project A to Z With ChatGPT

Do full Data Science Project with ChatGPT: Guide to Machine Learning using Python, Data Visualization, and Web Scraping. Introduction In this...
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Let’s learn Web scraping with ChatGPT!

Introduction Web scraping is a powerful technique for extracting data from websites, and it has become an essential tool for data...
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5 Interesting Ways ChatGPT can Prove to be a Boon for Education

In 2022, ChatGPT was released to the general public by OpenAI, a company that does artificial intelligence (AI) research and development....
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Use this tool to detect ChatGPT articles and text!

Blogging websites have recently been invaded by ChatGPT-written articles. They are everywhere. It’s worse than the plague! I see such articles...
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