DDI Founder’s Network

Are you working on groundbreaking innovations that have the potential for high ROI and a big social impact? We work with VCs, fund managers, and family offices worldwide to support promising projects, from seed to later series.

Join DDI Founder’s Network to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and investors. By joining, we will grow a community of founders who will have access to specialized clientele, mentors, and funding sources that will tremendously increase your chance of success.

Your Imaginations Deserve Attention

We would love to help you expand your network and connect through our ecosystem which is a truly global, diverse, and educated audience, whether your experience is in sustainable agriculture, wearable technology, healthcare, IoT, manufacturing, energy, climate, software development, or anything and everything in between.

With the rise of big tech, many have wondered if the era of the entrepreneur is dead. Prior to the pandemic, the so-called Big Four (Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon) appeared to be on a trajectory towards world domination, yet capitalism is dynamic, and there may just be a plot twist.

Microsoft has carried its weight, while Facebook has been treading water, and Tesla came from seemingly nowhere. 20 years ago the top companies were energy; now they are technology. Companies like Nvidia soared to valuations north of half a trillion, while the concept of a trillionaire is within sight.

This is not to indicate that all is rosy; wealth inequality is reaching historic proportions, the recent market crash withstanding. It is likely that significant antitrust regulation could be on the horizon, leveling the playing field in favor of founders and against big businesses.

Nevertheless, we are not going to rest on our laurels while we wait for the world to change.

We are calling on all innovators, entrepreneurs, and prospective founders to join our network – to bring us to our best future.

DDI Founder’s Network is a place where entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors(fund managers) turn intellectual sparks into tangible processes and results. If you have an idea that needs access to funding, we would like to have a chat with you. If you have a proven record of growing a business and are ready for your next series, the DDI Founder’s Network might just be the place for you.

Send us a message at [email protected] with the subject line “DDI Founder’s Network” with the following:

  • Brief description of your business and its development so far (we don’t need any details);
  • Indicate if you are pre-revenue or have already earned revenue;
  • What do you seek to gain from joining DDI Founder’s Network;
  • Attach your pitch deck (Optional);
  • Include a 5–10 page business plan (Optional);
  • Attach any financial results you would like to share (Optional);
  • Anything else you would like us to know about you and your business;

Please also give us some time to review your project. We look forward to connecting.