For decades, our understanding of investing and financial markets has been skewed.

Misconception, dated information, and irrelevant ideas have made our investment decisions a lot less sharp than they could have been.

”Gatekeepers” have created an aura of mystery and inaccessibility surrounding what investors actually require to successfully evaluate a potential investment.

Annual reports, stock market newsletters, and PR news releases (usually only good news) were about as analytical as you could get.

Well, unless you also had some insider knowledge, of course.

This has allowed too many ‘bad actors’ to cover up their losses and other uncomfortable truths tied to their own performance.

Ultimately, investors have been badly scathed all too often.

Few have had access to real-time, accurate, unbiased information. Not to mention thoughtful insight regarding changes in technology, regulations, or social dynamics. Noop!

It seems it has always been this way. Ever since the first financial markets were born.

The knowledge gap has tied in so well with the poverty gap. Mass communication and media have primarily been used to engineer predictable reactions that favor those who are in the know. And markets always remain “rumored and cornered.”

The problems for investors have only been compounded by having to pay exorbitant sums for investment advice. Through charges, commissions, spreads, exchange rates, and management fees, your take-home returns have been deeply eroded by such unnecessary expenses.

This makes investing difficult and stressful.

And sad to say, virtually every investor that feels ‘left behind’ is never able to catch up.

Between our 9-to-5 grunt, our social obligations, peer pressure, and our mortgages, we can often feel powerless in modern life’s ‘invisible prison.’

And the scary prospect of soon being replaced by the tides of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence doesn’t bode well for the future, either.

Being too exhausted to win the fight back, we would rather remain glued to our mobiles, staying actively informed but forever deluded. Getting used to knowing everything after the fact, we fail to keep learning proactively.

Ultimately, we end up never making the changes needed for greater prosperity in our lives.


DDI believes in helping investors, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers making data-driven decisions through its active community, educational content, applications, marketplace, and data access.

Active Community and Educational Content

DDI has a strong audience base with about 800k-1 million readers a month on both DDI’s main site and its popular DDI medium publication.

In particular, its medium publication

  • ranks #3 when on AI topics;
  • #2 on blockchain;
  • #16 on Entrepreneurship;
  • #15 on Technology;

among over 19,000 medium publications.

Its main site also ranks among one of the top 22,000 websites globally, with its readership base mainly from the United States, followed by Canada, UK, India, and Europe. DDI has an aggregate subscriber list of more than 70k subscribers worldwide. Combining the 2 sites, DDI has a readership of approximately 1 to 1.2 million readers monthly from around the world.

Check out the possible ways you could contribute/benefit from DDI here.

Applications, Data, and Marketplace

DDI focuses on the following broad approaches toward data-driven investing. For an original overview of the motivation of this project, please refer to one of Dr. Justin Chan’s earlier articles on the subject.

(1) DDIChat: Peer-to-peer Expert network. DDIChat is a platform where clients can connect with domain experts on many subjects (such as coding, data science, blockchain, and business topics). To learn more about how to get involved with DDIChat as a client, or as an expert, here’s a list of useful resources.

(2) DDI Founder’s Network: Looking for funding for your groundbreaking innovations that change lives? We work with VCs, fund managers, and family offices worldwide to support promising projects, from seed to later series. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.

(3) DDI Investor’s Network: Want to invest in promising sectors in renewable energy, water technology, navigation tech, and proprietary analytics of all types? Want to learn more about the fundamental problems being solved by our selected teams and projects? Or simply want to set up your DIY tech fund? Contact us for more info.

(4) DDI Advisors: As a DDI Tech Advisor, you will be able to work with us to support our selected tech projects and teams on niche technology projects on both development and distribution aspects, and/or serve on advisory and mentorship roles on our entire DDI ecosystem. When approved, you will be offered an official role at the project or fund levels and you will be compensated through either fixed-fee or outcome-sharing arrangements.

(5) DDIAlgo: Similar to DDI’s Founder’s Network, we periodically release outstanding systematic trading strategies that are validated by our internal team and DDI Advisors. Selected strategies will be funded by DDI Investor’s Network. In terms of validation, we only validate results of actual trading or backtested results. We will not need to understand your trading methodologies. We can also assist you to build your own fund within a short period of time with our professional team.

(6) Alternative Data Platform: A platform for distributing your or your company’s alternative data and associated visualization for illustration purposes. Talk to us at [email protected] about how you would like us to integrate our sites with your data and technology so that our site visitors can learn about your data applications. We are also open to collaborating on development projects and assisting in educating our readers about the possibilities.

(7) Personal Finance Tech: A platform for personal finance enthusiasts and technologists to showcase their applications, consultations, and services.

To learn more about the above collaboration opportunities, please write to us at [email protected]

Data-driven investing – the future

You don’t have to be a professional to be a data-driven investor. All you need is to form a proper set of knowledge, data, and domain expertise that suits you. 

If you start with knowledge only, you can write on our sites to gain exposure and authority on many topics. You can, for example, make money by offering your DDIChat sessions.

If you start with tech, data, or ideas, we help you educate your potential users or investors.

If you start with only financial resources, we can point you to the right and most timely opportunities – that are vetted methodically among many thousands of comparable projects and are believed to have the highest probability of success.

Each person might come from different background and have different resources to offer our community. As a platform, we facilitate all initiations to help all members to connect and grow.

Our aim is to empower you with knowledge, data, and expertise.

Unlike the usual academic, we don’t assume any form of market efficiency or human behavior or beliefs about any mental constructs that are unfounded and unsound.

We efficientize markets – all markets real or abstract, with applications, data, marketplace, and knowledge platform. 

With that, we minimize the path from information to investible ideas.

With that, we take our world from confusion to clarity – not insanity.