For decades, our understanding of investing and financial markets has been skewed by institutions like banks, finance houses, hedge funds, academic journals, and the financial press.

This has often been the result of deliberate policies of withholding vital information that would have enabled us to consistently make more informed investment decisions.

Gatekeepers of all types have created an aura of mystery and inaccessibility surrounding what investors actually require to successfully evaluate a potential investment.

Annual reports, stock market newsletters, and PR news releases (usually good news, of course) were about as analytical as you could get.

Well, of course, unless if you have some insider knowledge.

This mystery has allowed too many institutions to cover up losses and uncomfortable truths, not only related to investment performance, but also concerning the fees taken to “look after” their shareholders and management.

It almost became too awkward to ask questions about such practices. Indeed, shareholders have been ejected from public meetings and branded as “troublemakers” when they’ve dared to challenge the corporate line.

And CEOs and other executives have even refused interviews about contentious issues. Or they blatantly lied about returns or turnover.

Some, like Enron, got caught out and suffered the consequences – leaving their investors with disastrous losses. Others got away with it, crashed and burned along with their shareholder’s investments.

Unfortunately, investors have been badly scathed all too often.

Few have had access to real-time, accurate, unbiased facts and news. Not to mention any thoughtful insight regarding changes in technology, regulations, or social dynamics. Noop!

As a matter of fact, it has always been this way in the brief history of our financial markets.

The knowledge gap also ties in so well with the poverty gap. Mass communication and media are primarily used to engineer predictable reactions that favor those who are in the know. Markets always remain rumored and cornered.

Academics and schools have rarely taught us anything useful in this regard either. Their most recent insights remain “piggybacked” on a couple of intellectual breakthroughs from the 1950-70s, and which bizarrely to this day, continues to win approvals of grants from authorities. Year in, year out. The game goes on and on and on.

And sadly to say, 99.8% of investors that have felt left behind seem never able to catch up.

Between our 9-to-5 grunt, our social obligations, peer pressure, and our mortgages, we can often feel powerless in modern life’s “invisible prison.” And the scary prospect of soon being replaced by the tides of automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence doesn’t exactly help, either.

Being too exhausted to fight back, we would rather have our eyes on our mobiles, staying actively informed by staying deluded. Getting used to knowing everything after the fact, we fail to keep learning pro-actively.

We failed miserably to be aware.

Ultimately, we end up never making the changes needed for greater prosperity in our lives.

No one – not the educated, the rich, or the otherwise powerful – has ever contemplated a war against such a long-standing nonsense.

Until today …

The world is now awash with data.

Computing and storage have never been so cheap – and so available.

Doesn’t it make sense to use this resource to sift through trillions of terabytes of information out there to find patterns, trends and recurring instances of behavior which we ourselves can collate, interpret and extrapolate into meaningful, actionable insights?

Revolutions are born slowly.

They bubble under after years of dissatisfaction – a feeling that something just isn’t right somewhere – and that there has to be a better way.

People are becoming fed up with experts and professionals who talk the great talk, but who ultimately fail to deliver.

People are no longer putting up with the mountain of inconsequential fluff stuck between information and investible ideas.

People don’t want to pay attention to useless advice from big bank analysts who are used to saying nothing meaningful.

This would not be such a bad thing if you were not paying for it. But through charges, commissions, spreads, exchange rates, management fees, subscriptions and other means of billing devised by investment firms, your take-home returns will be heavily eroded by these unnecessary and often excessive expenses.

This makes investing difficult and stressful.

But imagine being able to compile, curate, assess, analyze and execute the same kind of decisions that you currently pay for, by yourself, at no charge.

This is entirely possible today with data, software, and computing.

Data-driven investing is the future of investing

You don’t have to be an investment “professional” or have the resources of an elitist, with an old-school financial institution behind you. All the information you need is out there in the form of data.

Machine learning and AI can interpret investment signals in ways human experts can’t.

Tools now exist that enable ordinary people like us to have access to the kinds of information, in real time, that MOST traditional “professionals” could only dream of having.

This data puts our portfolios back into our own hands and enables us to outperform even the best of conventional methods.

Data Driven Investor is your key to harnessing this power.

Our aim is to empower you with the latest technology, innovation, tools, and the training required to get outstanding returns from your investment portfolio.

Information – and more importantly, the ability to use it – are the keys to this new revolution. Until such skills and methodologies are taught in schools or universities, we believe that self-education is the way to go.

Data Driven Investor aims to make this knowledge available to you in an easily accessible way, in one place, and with peer to peer input. Learn from people who are at the cutting edge of their fields – not the third, fourth or fifth-party interpretations.

We help you see the shortest path between information and investible ideas.

We help you navigate from confusion to clarity, not insanity.

Become an empowered investor. Join the data driven revolution today!