Anyone who works in the mobile app development industry, whether they focus on developing iOS apps in London or launching Android apps for a US audience,  knows it’s constantly changing as new trends emerge. Successful apps account for these shifts. On the other hand, apps which don’t leverage the newest technologies are less likely to impress users.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the following trends. They’ll play a major role in mobile app development this year.

App Development

The Rise of AI

Artificial intelligence innovations like machine learning dramatically improve the capabilities of apps. For instance, an e-commerce app equipped with AI could analyze customer behavior to recommend products an individual user might be interested in.

Surveys indicate customers want this type of personalized service. Businesses should take advantage of the opportunities provided by AI in 2019 to meet this expectation.

More Accelerated Mobile Pages

The average internet user is now more likely to browse via a mobile device than a computer. With accelerated mobile pages, developers can ensure websites perform as reliably on smartphones and tablets as they do on computers.

Augmented Reality’s Applications Expand

Augmented reality isn’t just for gaming. Although the success of Pokemon Go! proved users are interested in the potential of this tech, 2019 will prove AR has useful applications in marketing, customer service, and much more.

Wearables Offer More Features

Don’t assume wearable devices are merely useful for tracking various fitness metrics. Uber, for instance, lets users request rides via smartwatches now. As an increasing number of consumers are able to access these devices, more brands will focus on developing apps for them.

Chatbots Will Be More Commonplace

Chatbots (both text-based and voice-based) have the potential to improve mobile apps in many ways. They can handle customer service tasks, alert users when an event is triggered, facilitate improved searches, and more. Expect developers to begin experimenting with them to an even greater degree in 2019.

Mobile Wallets Will Replace Cash

Don’t expect cash and credit cards to completely disappear anytime soon. However, mobile wallets and payment options will make them less relevant.

Customers appreciate being able to purchase items with their smartphones. This year, more retailers will adapt to accept such payments to meet customer demand.

More Security

Mobile wallets and other fintech products are becoming popular very quickly. That said, they also handle sensitive user information. Coupled with recent data breaches, it’s easy to understand why developers will focus on building enhanced security measures in 2019.

Instant Apps Become More Widespread

Did you know most consumers download a grand total of zero apps each month? Convincing users to download a new app isn’t easy.

Luckily, it won’t always be necessary. Instant apps are accessible without requiring users to download them. They’re also smaller than most apps, while still performing reliably. Businesses who want to offer app-based features without asking users to download a new product will be able to leverage them accordingly.

Beacons Will Be Everywhere

Beacons are potentially very useful to organizations. They allow for location-based targeting, customer behavior monitoring, cross-selling, and much more. Businesses will want to take advantage of them in 2019, and developers will respond by creating beacon-based apps.

More On-Demand Apps

On-demand apps have dramatically impacted the way consumers do everything from scheduling a car service to ordering food. Business owners know that offering this degree of convenience is essential if they want to remain competitive. As a result, even more on-demand apps will emerge this year.

This is all good news for consumers. Developments in mobile app technology result in improved products. Thus, offering users the best service possible involves experimenting with these new innovations sooner rather than later.

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Natalie Abemayor
Natalie is a graduate of McGill University with a degree in International Development Studies and World Cinemas. Since returning to NYC, she has focused on crafting quality content for the app development industry, with a focus on UX design and use case creation. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her rooting for the New York Rangers, attending concerts, or getting distracted by dogs.


  1. Great article but you forgot to mention Blockchain apps that are growing in popularity on both Apple and Android app stores.

  2. Path of mobile app development

    2.UI design
    3.Create Backend for all detail
    5.Test the result

  3. Hey Natalie, interesting read. Glad that you’ve mentioned AI. It’s become a buzzword and companies are now demanding AI-based apps without understanding its use or how to leverage it to its full potential. No doubt AI can unlock possibilities, but it needs time to garner the data to build the “intelligence”. Like you’ve mentioned, businesses need to focus on the opportunities to meet customer expectations.

  4. Thanks for sharing the latest trend in mobile apps. As per my knowledge blockchain and progressive web apps are also current buzz in the app development sector.

  5. Great blog! Has most of the tech that we are alreading seeing in 2019. Though, Blockchain is also gaining traction and should also be part of this list. Good information here for those wanting to know more about the latest in mobile app technology.

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  9. I thought it was interesting that AR is becoming more relevant in apps. One of my cousins is interested in developing an app, so he may be interested in reading this article. Thanks for the great information on app developing trends.

  10. Good job! Mobile applications play an important role in growing the business by reaching potential customers. It is necessary to keep updated with the latest trends.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi,
    Interesting Blog, The fact has been discussed is important, Definitely, the path of mobile app development is different in 2019. This is a very helpful blog for all developers. I thought it was interesting that AR is becoming more relevant in apps. Thank you for sharing valuable information with us.

  12. I’m still eager to see uses for AR that aren’t just gimmicky “just for fun” sorts of things like Pokemon Go or dancing cartoons in Snapchat stories.

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