7 Methods That Innovative Companies Use Video Editing Software

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Video editing is a process that involves the manipulation and processing of raw video footage to create a structured story. It can be something as simple as connecting different shots together and deleting unneeded segments or something complex that requires CGI and high-tech visual effects. Every mass media product that you see would have undergone this procedure to make it presentable to the public.

Video editing is possible because of powerful software. Such applications empower media professionals to create a new output out of a variety of clips. They can either import raw footage to the program or record videos directly on it.

But why would you need video editing software in your company?

Video marketing has high ROI and provides marketers with 66% more qualified leads annually. It also helps increase awareness of brands by 54%. Meanwhile, 76.5% of small businesses are experiencing good things because of video.

Video Editing
Video marketing generates a high ROI

Because of those things, innovative companies are investing in video editing software. In the process, they are also discovering additional benefits, such as the ones below, that can be advantageous for you, too.

  • To produce a quick but professional video

When you search “video editing software” on search engines, you will find hundreds of programs claiming to have powerful editing tools and features. While that may be true, they may not be the solution to your video needs. If you are looking to create quick videos with a professional touch, you will only require a lightweight and easy video editing software.

Fortunately, as long as you look closely, there are user-friendly and intuitive video editing apps on PC that you can use at no cost. These will have versatile tools that can help you produce engaging videos for your business rapidly. Using these programs, you can learn how to do video editing and produce professional-looking content with ease.

  • To reduce professional video editor fees

Video editing is a complex and delicate process that involves numerous hours even for a 5-minute video. Depending on the quality you are looking for, the price range is $75 to $150, according to Direct Images Interactive.

This is not an amount that solopreneurs and small enterprises can put towards a video editing service easily, as they are more focused on critical applications that drive business growth. But if they do not, they still have the option to do it by themselves.

As mentioned in the previous section, there is plenty of free video editing software for PC. Companies that do not have the funds for top-notch professional video editing can rely on a robust application. You can mix and match photos and videos to create an engaging slideshow or a product explainer. You can also maximize the tools available to come up with unique content that serves your needs. All these and more at little to no cost to your organization.

  • To organize raw and edited videos

Do you have difficulty finding your raw and edited videos in your folders? If you do, video editing software can help. That is because it is not just for transforming raw footage into stunning content–companies also use it to organize their video files and make them accessible.

You can take a cue from these innovative organizations and do the same with your video editing program, too. This way, you do not have to spend precious minutes going through folders to find the right files. Some video editing software even displays a screen with the latest projects, allowing users to start on their tasks immediately. And if ever you need to work on an old video file, you can simply view your editing history and take up your work from there.

  • To create the desired mood

A reliable video editor will allow you to change the mood of your video, especially with the use of background music and sound effects. Even adding the right BGM can elevate your video and set its tone from the start–letting people know what they can expect from your content.

You can count on the best video editing software free of use to offer royalty-free media as well. Because of this, you will not have to look farther than the application’s media library for audio effects and music that can transform the way your audience reacts to and interacts with your video.

  • To add visual effects

One of the most visually stunning films that were produced in the past decade is James Cameron’s Avatar. With its realistic visual effects, it broke box office records and overtook Titanic, which held the seat for twelve years. These would not have been possible without the use of powerful video editing tools and first-grade visual effects teams.

Video Editing
Visual effects enhance the presentation of your video.

However, you do not need a Hollywood budget to add visual effects to complement your video and aid its mood setting. Just as with sound effects and BGM, you can look into the media library of your preferred video editing app. Some you may use free, some you may have to pay a fee. But if you want to produce a video that really meets your ideals, it may not be a bad idea to shell out a minimal amount for a visual effect that you can still use for future projects.

  • To protect the organization’s intellectual property

A recent intellectual property war between the United States and another country revealed that the former is losing somewhere between $225 billion and $600 billion per year, as stated in a CNN news report. One of the reasons this happened is because some companies did not have enough security measures that could protect them.

Intellectual property theft can hurt a company, regardless of its size, but most especially startups and small businesses. Imagine that you produced a visually engaging video that has garnered plenty of views and likes, but is superseded by a similar video that was created and claimed by another organization as their own. This can cost you thousands of dollars in potential revenue.

To prevent that from happening, you can apply a custom watermark to your video. This can show that you and your team worked hard on that content and any tools that you may have developed in the process. As such, you can protect your business to stay competitive.

  • To have another revenue stream

When you learn to edit videos for the sake of your organization, you also open a path for another revenue stream. This means that your company can branch out and even set up a different firm for this regard. Because of this, you can ensure the continuity and fluidity of your business. What’s more, the more knowledge and skills you gain in editing videos, the more chances you have of expanding your enterprise.

Moving forward with video

Instagram has become the fastest-growing application in driving more sales for a brand. This is understandable because of its short video-sharing features and direct linking to the company’s store or partners. You can leverage the social media platform this by maximizing different media that you have in your library. With those, you can tell a story around your brand, products, or services. And with a video editing software, you can ensure that you set the right mood from the start to elicit expected responses from viewers and that is to buy from you.

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  1. In several different chats and articles I’ve come across, there is a common theme. You don’t need to put out big bucks to get started making professional-quality videos. Your first and cheapest solution is the cellphone in your hands. This is an affordable, less intimidating way to get your video production off the ground and generate great return on investment. This meshes well with Candy’s article.

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